Today is VP Mike Pence's Birthday...Celebrate by donating to one of his favorite causes

Today is VP Mike Pence's Birthday...Celebrate by donating to one of his favorite causes

Born June 7th, 1959, Michael Richard Pence was previously the 50th governor of Indiana (2013-2017), a member of the United States House of Representatives (2001-2013), and is currently the 48th vice president of the United States of America. In his 61 years on this earth, this self-described “principled conservative” has done a lot.

Pence Palm

From his time as Indiana congressman then governor, he is best known for the following:

  • trying to pray away an HIV outbreak
  • taking money from AIDS programs to fund ex-gay camps
  • attacking reproduction freedom
  • forcing Planned Parenthood to close five clinics that didn’t even perform abortions (Planned Parenthood does more than abortions. These clinics performed STD testing and losing this valuable resource contributed to the HIV outbreak in Indiana.)
  • not having lunch with someone of the opposite gender
  • signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act AKA the turn-away-the-gays bill

Pence and Trump air kiss

As the U.S. Vice President his highlights include:

  • bringing a Karen (his wife) to the White House
  • cleaning up Donald Trump’s messes
  • overseeing the voter fraud commission which was unable to find widespread abuse
  • creating the Great America Committee which has raised more than $4 million to be used for the 2020 re-election campaign
  • quoting Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech in his pitch to secure funding for Trump’s Mexico border wall
  • spending $325,000 tax payers dollars to walk out of a Colts game in protest to NFL players taking a knee for democracy
  • not wearing a protective mask to the Mayo Clinic while visiting Coronavirus patients
  • holding up the “15 Days To Slow The Spread” laminated one-sheet in Coronavirus daily press briefing (the irony that the man who didn’t stop the HIV spread in one state was appointed to stop the Coronavirus spread in 50 states…he does know everything not to do…Second time’s a charm)

Pence Stop the Spread

More about Pence…His favorite foods are bacon and moose tracks ice cream (maybe former VP Joe Biden can take him for a scoop). Favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz (probably because the protagonist rejects a new fabulous life in a sinful city to return to her simple life on a farm). Favorite radio host…Rush Limbaugh. And he’s a cat guy…has two pussies named Pickle and Oreo (I wonder if Trump grabs them).

His passion projects include:

  • mocking science and scientists
  • keeping the minimum wage as low as possible
  • withholding health care from children in poverty
  • suggesting smoking doesn’t kill (Pence has never smoked cigarettes but he loves Big Tobacco)
  • criticizing those who want to address issues about racial disparities and bias within law enforcement for using “the rhetoric of division

Mike Pence Unfiltered

Whew! Pence has been busy. Today…June 7th is his birthday and I hope you aren’t too busy to say Happy Birthday to America’s VP. Do something great in the name of Mike Pence by donating to any one of his favorite causes.

Click here if you want to donate to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE PENCE…you are the perfect VP of the Deplorables! #BlackLivesMatter

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