Somewhere You Should Go: The Rise of Technology & Innovation Symposium Fri, 8/23 #FollowTheRedCup

Somewhere You Should Go: The Rise of Technology & Innovation Symposium Fri, 8/23 #FollowTheRedCup

“The Tech Symposium is designed to increase the presence of emerging innovators and the importance of building wealth in technology.” – Carl West

The 3rd Annual Rise of Technology & Innovation Symposium is a one-day event at the Logan Center (Hyde Park) on Friday, August 23rd that will feature 7 speakers and a tech expo showcasing the latest gadgets from emerging youth innovators. Also introducing the 1st Tech & Innovator Awards.

For more information, call 312.980.2681 or

The Tech Symposium is FREE.99

More about this amazing event:

Change the World has been the ever-growing slogan for all things tech. Every major technology giant from Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Linkedin, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Amazon, etc. have all claimed that their platforms will change the world. And today, each tech giant has done just that.

Not only have they changed the world, but they’ve also changed the face of America for decades to come. They’ve expanded the job market and made more millionaires and billionaires over the last twenty years than any other time in history. The new ‘Technology Revolution’ has been created.

The Rise of Technology & Innovation Symposium (Tech Symposium) is designed to not only increase the presence of black emerging innovators in the tech space but to initiate an ongoing conversation that’s long overdue. The scheduled date for this anticipated Symposium is Friday, August 23rd. The venue hosting the half-day event is The University of Chicago Logan Center at 900 East 60th.

The Rise of Technology & Innovation Symposium will also highlight some of Chicago’s brightest youth who’ve created tech gadgets like Apps, Precise Codings and Mobile Games. These hidden gems will have a chance to present their innovative digital discoveries during the Symposium.

1-1:30PM Registration with light snacks

1:30 PM – Opening Symposium starts with two Keynote Speakers: How to Build a Tech Company

2 – 2:45 PM “Memorial Emmett Vaughn” Workshop: Building Wealth in Tech

3 – 6:00 PM 5 Panel Discussions: Rotating panel of experts and interviews in a three-hour chat session. Panel topics include: Education in Tech, Entrepreneurship in Tech, and Women in Tech

Tech & Innovator Awards : Ten individuals who have been leaders in helping to build a progressive and rewarding environment in the innovation of technology and wealth building in Chicago. Honorees to be announced!

Producers of the Symposium – MG Media, Next Generation Leadership Council (NGLC), The TiTaNs, and TRUTH 4 Literacy have partnered with several youth organizations to have young people volunteer as personal assistants to each of the panel guests and sponsors. There will be pre and post-exposure within the pages of digital media and radio partners.

*Content provided by TruthBeTold and Carl West

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