Pillar Insurance School Supply Drive for Teachers

Pillar Insurance School Supply Drive for Teachers

A couple of weeks, I was saddened and upset by an interview on NPR radio with a teacher in Oklahoma who decided to panhandle on the side of the road. She was not just raising money for the school supplies she needs to make sure she and her students start the new year on the right note; but she was also raising awareness on how frustrated she is each year digging into her own pockets to pay for classroom supplies. She said her annual salary is around $35,000 and she spends nearly $2,000 of her own money each year on her classroom.

Instantly I thought of our Chicago teachers who are being cheated out of their pensions, deprived of adequate classroom funding, and watching their take home pay further decreased by soda taxes, property tax increases, and Chicago’s longstanding tradition of allowing greedy and corrupt politicians to overtax residents. Chicago Public Schools are not only failing our students, but they are also failing our teachers.

As fate would have it, I struck up a conversation with Maurice Green who owns Pillar Insurance and asked him what new projects he had coming up. Maurice told me last year held a one-day event to collect school supplies for teachers. He was able to fill four oversized boxes and the supplies were distributed to teachers at King, Dunbar, and Hyde Park High School and a couple of elementary schools. This year he wants to do even more to help.

If you also would like to help our local teachers, please drop off school supplies at Pillar Insurance at 4504 S. Cottage Grove. Donations will be accepted M-F 9am-4pm until Friday, August 25th.

If you are a teacher that would like to request supplies, click here to leave a message on the Pillar Insurance School Supply for Teachers Facebook event page.

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