Welcome to the Red Cup Adventures

Welcome to the Red Cup Adventures

Welcome to the Red Cup AdventuresWhy the Red Cup Adventures? Because red cups are universal symbols of summer fun. They’re the ambassadors of good times and the perfect decorative holder for our Single Girl Summer sangria. No party is complete without them.

The ultimate Red Cup Adventure is hitting 5 spots in one day.

The urban dictionary recognizes the importance of the Red Cup and have complied numerous thoughtful definitions to describe them. Here are some of my favorites:

–Red cups are to drinkers as rolling papers are to stoners. Both may be used in completely unrelated ways, mainly in consumption, but they have become symbols of a certain scene.

–Red cuppin (they made it into a verb) is synonymous with drinking, or with partying in general…It is possible that the red cup trend originated from beer pong, which sometimes uses 12 or 16 oz. plastic cups.

–The harbinger for consumption of alcohol in undergraduate colleges everywhere. The irony is that the original intention was to conceal the content of the cup, as the drinkers are all underage, versus a clear plastic cup that gives away the amber goodness intrinsic of most beers. There’s been such widespread integration of the red plastic drinking cup that it’s immediately obvious that a red cup signifies consumption of alcoholic beverages. (Who doesn’t love a little irony with their drinks?)

For the full list of definitions, click here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=red+cups

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