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Apparently in my house, the sex never ends

So last fall I had the whole 30-day sex challenge going on, and it was fun and stuff…them I’m on the WGN Morning News talking about this whole thing…and they loved me so much that they asked me back a month later, yet this time bring “the pervert”, as Larry Potash called him. So I... Read more »

Adventures in Oral Therapy: The Masque Challenge, Part 2

So before we begin, please read Woodlawn Wonder’s post first. Then you’ll get the jest of exactly what we are going for here. I’ve been asked to taste-test recipes, partake in a wine flight and sample exotic cuisine. But I have never, ever been asked to try out a new oral sex enhancer – until... Read more »

10 things I learned during my 30-day sex challenge

I almost feel obligated to write this follow-up blog, because you’re all probably wondering – well? What the hell did you learn from this sex challenge? Anything valuable or nothing at all? Turns out that when you spend so much time focused on one event, you eventually learn something about the human condition. This challenge... Read more »

The 30-day sex challenge: The Finale

On Day 29, Dude got sick. He came down with a low-grade fever, complaining that his head and tummy hurt. After a dose of ibuprofen, all he wanted to do was cuddle with us in bed. When he gets sick, he becomes very needy. And how could I say no to my sick baby boy?!... Read more »

The 30-day sex challenge – Days 27 & 28

Day 27 consisted of details that are not fit for public consumption. Let’s just say that multiple beds were utilized on that evening. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination…. Day 28 started with Hubby texting me this picture ~   Um…I may never have sex again. KIDDING! Actually, it made me laugh. Hard. And... Read more »

The 30-day sex challenge: Days 25 & 26

Dude is killing my sex life. We need to change his name to Boomerang Scalzo. Within hours of putting him in his bed, he’s climbing into ours. When we gently replace him, it’s only a matter of time before he wants to cuddle with us once again. UGH! This shit goes on all night. The... Read more »

The 30-day sex challenge: Day 24

Yea….um….I got nothin’. Hubby came home. Ate these amazing pork chops I cooked (if I do say so myself.) Played with the kids. Put the kids to bed. Eventually called me down to the Man Cave to watch the latest Star Trek thingamajig. It was cool. I liked it. And then I retired to the... Read more »

The 30-day sex challenge: Days 22 & 23

And on these days, we chose to rest. Well, actually, it was totally my fault. By the time Hubby emerged from his Man Cave both days, I was passed out. As in ‘kids and daily drama have sucked the life out of me’ passed out. He definitely gave it his best college try, but I... Read more »

The 30-day sex challenge: Days 20 & 21

Something seems to have clicked in the second half of this challenge. The exhaustion has seemed to taper off and the desire has gotten stronger. Nothing has changed in our daily lives at all. Hubby is still working long hours and dealing with a ridiculous commute. I’m still juggling my writing, the kids and household... Read more »

The 30-day sex challenge: Day 19

So you know that whole thing I wrote before about how men really don’t seem to care about lingerie? That they just want straight sex, no outfits or fuss, so why do us women bother? Yea, I totally went against that rule on this night. I was feeling saucy and wanted to do something fun.... Read more »