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The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 7 ~ The Adam Ant/Glam Rock

Oh dear lord. This look was a hot mess, times 10 thousand. Gathering the materials to achieve this look was a huge adventure in itself. I vlogged about the whole thing and put up on my fan page, so if you haven’t seen it, watch now. It’s quite hysterical. Here’s Part 1. Here’s episode 2.... Read more »

The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 6 ~ The Tween Look

On this day, I think I took my biggest risk yet – I allowed a 12-year-old to do my makeup. Little Woman has always wanted to “help” me with my makeup, but the idea would make me shutter, with flashes of looking like a demented Bozo rolling around in my head.  Yet at the same... Read more »

The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 5 ~ The Dollar Store Junkie

This is an experiment I’ve always wanted to do. The past couple of decades, I’ve become a make-up snob, so to speak. I’ve purposely only bought the more pricey, high-end cosmetics, believing they were not only the best for my skin, but for longevity. I’m an apply-once-and-forget-about-it type of gal. And with my rosacea, I... Read more »

The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 4 ~ The Vamp

This look proved to be even more challenging than The French, only because I had to create a nude eye. Despite the name, there is nothing nude about it. Actually, quite the opposite. For me it included 5 different products to get it the look. A bit labor intensive, but totally worth it in the... Read more »

The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 3 ~ The French

This look was extremely challenging, despite my professionally experience, mostly because I was dealing with a cream eyeliner that had to be applied with a specific brush. This was not a grab-a-stick and slap-in-on type of deal. This one involved a steady hand and complete precision. And a shit load of q-tips to fine tune... Read more »

The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 2 ~ The Smoky Eye

Today I attempted the smoky eye/nude lip combo, made famous in fashion magazines, by rock n’ roll goddesses, streetwalkers and a majority of the Kardashians. I knew this one was going to be challenging just due to the overwhelming amount of black eyeliner involved. I had to go through my entire makeup collection hoping to... Read more »

The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day One ~ The Natural

I wanted to start this series in the proper way. And by the proper way, I mean to allow you to see me completely naked. No make-up, no falsities, no nothing. Just me, in the raw. For those that know me, this is huge. I’m extremely self-conscious of myself. I see every flaw imaginable and... Read more »

The 7-day beauty challenge: An Introduction

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a make-up whore. I’ve had an obsession with make-up that goes back to childhood. I remember watching my mom get ready for dates with my stepdad. She was already a naturally beautiful woman, so to watch her go from beautiful to drop dead gorgeous, just with a few swipes... Read more »