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31 horror movies in 31 days: The Omen

    The Omen is another old school classic I had never seen in entirety. I went in expecting very little of this 1976 flick, but I was quickly proven wrong. The Omen is the story of Robert Thorn, a U.S. Diplomat, and his wife, Kathy. Shortly after Kathy gives birth, Robert is told that his... Read more »

31 horror movies in 31 days: Rosemary’s Baby

    On Day 7 I chose Rosemary’s Baby because it’s a classic, also because this is the first in my series that I haven’t seen in its entirety. It’s one of those films I’ve only caught bits and pieces of while flipping through the channels on a Sunday afternoon. And I absolutely hate watching movies... Read more »

31 horror movies in 31 days: Evil Dead (2013)

   Good lord, going from Psycho to Evil Dead is like apples and oranges. I think I bit off more than I can chew on Day 6. Within the first 15 minutes into watching the remake of the 1981 classic, I knew this wasn’t going to be your typical horror movie. 15 minutes after that,... Read more »

31 horror films in 31 days: Psycho

   Of course I had to review this one. By today’s standards, some might consider Psycho outdated and trite. Those are the people that don’t realize how unassumingly brilliant this film truly is. In motion picture history, this is and always will be a classic. Marion Crane is a secretary in Phoenix having a torrid... Read more »

31 horror films in 31 days: The Exorcist

   I really don’t even know where to begin with this film. I can honestly say that this is the only horror movie that still shakes me to my core. Decades after I first saw it. I’ll never forget watching The Exorcist for the first time, back in the early 80’s, on my black and... Read more »

31 horror films in 31 days: The Conjuring

   I was anxious to see this film when it came out last year. Anything that deals with haunted houses, possession and exorcisms is right up my alley. And knowing that The Conjuring is based on true events made it even juicier. Again, without giving away too many details, The Conjuring is the story of... Read more »

31 horror films in 31 days: Gothika

    For Day 2, I chose Gothika, a 2003 flick starring Halle Berry and Robert Downey, Jr. The first thing that attracted me to this movie was the killer cast. Honestly, I’ll see anything starring Halle or Robert, even if it was them silently staring at the camera for 90 minutes straight. Halle plays Dr.... Read more »

31 horror movies in 31 days: The Possession of Michael King

   For the first day of this series, I chose a new release titled The Possession of Michael King. Personally I’ve never heard of this movie (I’m thinking it’s a direct to DVD film), but after watching the trailer, I was intrigued. Michael King is a documentary filmmaker who is grieving the sudden death of... Read more »

31 Horror Movies in 31 Days: An Introduction

October is my favorite month of the year, no doubt. The leaves begin to change, the weather cools down, and food takes on a whole new flavor. But best of all is Halloween. I love planning the costumes. I love the excitement of walking all over the neighborhood, hearing the leaves crunch under my feet... Read more »