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31 horror films in 31 days: Saw

   This was the first time I’ve seen Saw and WOW! I was blown away. And more pissed at myself for not relishing this 2004 cult classic sooner. The film begins when we find a man (Adam) submerged in a tub of water. He quickly comes to and jumps out of the tub, disorientated and... Read more »

31 horror movies in 31 days: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

   Believe it or not, I had a difficult time finding the original 1974 version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Someone needs to give me a direct line to Toby Hooper, because damn! After exhausting every online resource, including video stores, I decided to watch the 2003 remake. The film starts with old-school news footage of the... Read more »

31 horror movies in 31 days: The Grudge

   “When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage… a curse is born. The curse gathers in that place of death. Those who encounter it will be consumed by its fury.” And so the film begins, as we are forced to watch the handsome Bill Pullman throw himself off his balcony, while in... Read more »

31 horror movies in 31 days: Dark Shadows

   I love camp. I love Johnny Depp. I love Tim Burton. This film is the perfect blend of all three. Plus, I thought it would be fun to throw something different in the mix. Some might not consider the 2012 version of Dark Shadows a horror movie by traditional standards….it’s more like horror with... Read more »

31 horror movies in 31 days: Nosferatu

   As someone that earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film, I’m actually ashamed to admit I’ve never seen this classic.  Just because it was not required at that time, and out of my own ignorance, there is no excuse. For the first time in this challenge, the one I set on myself, I’m... Read more »

31 horror movies in 31 days: The Ring

   And so begins my girl crush on Naomi Watts. I always thought she was beautiful and talented, but this solidified it. That, and being a well-written flick filled with psychological and visual drama makes this one of my favorites. The Ring begins with two teenagers during a sleepover. Becca tells Katie about a supposed... Read more »

31 horror movies in 31 days: White Noise

   This 2005 flick is groundbreaking, as in the first to introduce the audience to a realm of spiritual investigation not many had heard of at this point. Remember, this is a time when shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters were in their infancy. The exposure to something like was nowhere near as vast... Read more »

31 horror films in 31 days: They

   This 2002 flick only caught my attention because of the name attached behind it. Wes Craven is an icon in the horror world, and I completely respected his work. Until I was subjected to this 90 minute shit show. That’s when things changed. The whole story revolves around Julia, Billy, Sam and Terry. During... Read more »

31 horror movies in 31 days: The Woman In Black

   I was hesitant to see this movie because it stars Daniel Radcliffe, whom I’m not a big fan of. The idea of Harry Potter dumped in the middle of a horror flick just sounded…weird. Eventually Little Woman convinced me to sit down and watch it. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. The... Read more »

31 horror films in 31 days: A Nightmare On Elm Street

   This film holds a special place in my bloody heart for a couple reasons. First, because this is the first horror film that I feel defines my generation. I was 13 years old when it came out, just a touch younger than the characters in the film. I was able to relate more than... Read more »