Apparently in my house, the sex never ends

So last fall I had the whole 30-day sex challenge going on, and it was fun and stuff…them I’m on the WGN Morning News talking about this whole thing…and they loved me so much that they asked me back a month later, yet this time bring “the pervert”, as Larry Potash called him. So I did, and Hubby shocked the hell out of them with what he had to say.

Then, while we’re driving home from this second TV appearance I receive a phone call from a producer at WLS radio, asking if I’d do an interview with them about my whole challenge…and so I did, and it was cool yet surreal at the same time. My voice on radio was less chipmunk-like than I expected. Who knew?

WOOSAH! Talk about a total media rush.

So fast forward several months; my good friend Nikki Moms who drink and swear Knepper asked me to write a follow-up blog on her page, as in ‘what the hell has happened since?’ type of thing. So of course I said yes, because I love this woman more than cheese and red wine (which is a fucking lot), so here it is.

Then tonight, when I told Hubby that Little Woman would be gone on vaca with her grandmother for a week, he quickly filled in my beloved Coach planner with days and locations where we will have sex. Like, in detail.



Yes, apparently I’m now booked. Because, in my world, unless you write this shit down in my Coach datebook, it ain’t gonna happen.

This man is smarter than I give him credit for.

So if you’ll excuse me, I need to have sex on my trampoline and in our borrowed Porsche.  Sorry Ryan, we promise to wipe it down afterwards.


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