The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 7 ~ The Adam Ant/Glam Rock

Oh dear lord. This look was a hot mess, times 10 thousand. Gathering the materials to achieve this look was a huge adventure in itself. I vlogged about the whole thing and put up on my fan page, so if you haven’t seen it, watch now. It’s quite hysterical. Here’s Part 1.

Here’s episode 2. If you suffer from vertigo, I highly recommend you DON’T watch this little ditty.

Eventually I documented my finds in episode 3. Yea, I am talking to myself while walking down the aisles, and I got several weird looks while doing it, but oh well. I really don’t give a crap at this point.

Episode 4 happened in my car, a few minutes after.

For this challenge, I used Bobbie Brown foundation, Kat Von D eye shadow, Benefit eye liner, Kat Von D lipstick, Avon lip gloss, cheap no-name glitter applied with an E.L.F. shadow brush, and a Wet n’ Wild white eye pencil.

photo 6

Applying the foundation, eyebrow powder and eyeliner was the easy part. Everything went to hell once I started working with the loose glitter. That shit got everywhere. In my eyes, in up my nose, in my mouth, all over the bathroom counter….ugh! It looked like the glitter fairy puked everywhere. And the only way I could get the little silver stars to stick to my brow bone was to use my own spit. Sure, it was my own spit, but still, gross.

Next came the infamous white stripe across the face. The eye pencil I chose didn’t go on as smooth as I expected. It took several applications to get the desired look. And a million q-tips to clean it up.

I’m beginning to think that the most important part of makeup is not the makeup itself, it’s q-tips.

photo 7

Overall, this was a very long, frustrating process that ended with not quite the look I was hoping for. Guess glam rock is not my forte. Note to self. But hey, I tried.

So what was your favorite look of my challenge? Let me hear from you either on facebook or twitter.

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