The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 6 ~ The Tween Look

On this day, I think I took my biggest risk yet – I allowed a 12-year-old to do my makeup.

Little Woman has always wanted to “help” me with my makeup, but the idea would make me shutter, with flashes of looking like a demented Bozo rolling around in my head.  Yet at the same time, I always had a sense of curiosity. What exactly would she do with me if given the chance?

So I figured why not take the risk and include her in my Beauty Challenge. This whole thing has been about going beyond my comfort zone and trying new things, so what the hell.  She was thrilled when I told her my idea, and was very adult and professional about it. 12 going on 22. I allowed her to pick out whatever cosmetics she chose to use, and to create any look she wanted. My face was literally in her hands.

Like me, her choices run the gamut, from cheap $1 makeup to more expensive department store brands (stolen from my makeup bags, thank you very much). For this experiment she chose Avon, ELF, Clinique, Eliza, Benefit, and Arbonne products.

photo 5

First, she wanted to wipe me down. Very accurate to what a real professional would do.

photo 1

After moisturizing and priming the hell out of my skin, she broke out the concealer stick. This process scared me. Apparently LW saw more flaws in my skin than I never noticed. GHAAAAAA!

photo 2

Next came the eyes. She had an easy time with the primer and shadow, but when she tried to use the liquid eyeliner, everything went to hell. After a few attempts and multiple wipe-downs and re-applications, she gave up. She grabbed the chubby Benefit eye pencil, lined my bottom lids and called it day. I had to laugh and tell that liquid liner is something NO ONE can ever master. That made her feel much better. The whole process took about 45 minutes, but that was ok with me. I wanted her to play around and do what she felt she needed to do to achieve her desired look. Beauty cannot be rushed, dammit!

photo 4

So here’s the final look:


Honestly, I was shocked and amazed with the results. But more than that, this was a great bonding experience for us, and a true test of trust, on both parts. And it was just plain fun.

“So mom, would you let me do your makeup the next time you go out on a date?”

“Yes I would, honey. You are awesome.”

I loves me my Little Woman. Think I’ll keep her. To read more about our adventures, be sure to follow me on facebook or twitter.


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