The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 5 ~ The Dollar Store Junkie

This is an experiment I’ve always wanted to do. The past couple of decades, I’ve become a make-up snob, so to speak. I’ve purposely only bought the more pricey, high-end cosmetics, believing they were not only the best for my skin, but for longevity. I’m an apply-once-and-forget-about-it type of gal. And with my rosacea, I have to be extremely careful of what I put on my skin.

So today, I asked Little Woman to pull out all her e.l.f. cosmetics for me to play around with. ‘Santa’ brought her a crap load of e.l.f. makeup. Not only because it was requested, but also because most items cost a buck. So ‘Santa’ was happy to oblige. It brought me back to the days when Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers and Love’s Baby Soft perfume were the most cherished items I ever owned in the 70’s and 80’s. That shit was cheap by oh-so-good.

I had low expectations, but was surprised with the results. With the exception of one item.

I used the e.l.f. foundation in porcelain, the concealer/highlighter in light, mascara, Beauty Book (used as eye and brow shadow), eyeliner, shimmer powder, jumbo lip gloss stick and array of (really cheap) brushes.

photo 5

Here are the results:


photo 6

The foundation went on like butter, and completely hid my rosacea, so right there = winning! The eye shadow and highlighter was easy to apply and totally bendable. It took a couple of applications to apply the blush in the Beauty Book, but that was ok with me. I’d rather build the color than have it BOOM in my face.

The only thing I found myself unhappy with was the mascara. It took several coats to get the look I like. For this experiment, I took the time. But on the regular, I ain’t got time for ‘dis. When it comes to mascara, I like BOOM. I think I’ll stick with my fav Clinique, Bobbie Brown and MAC mascara.

The jumbo lip gloss stick was less than what I’d normally do, but had a certain kick I didn’t expect – it had a pleasant mint flavor. I love lip shit that has flavor, adds to the experience. But if it doesn’t last longer than a second, I’ll never buy it again. Some people don’t like the sticky feeling of thicker glosses, but I do. They last longer and moisturize the hell out of your lips. And moisturized lips are soft. And soft lips are nice to kiss. And I LOVE to be kissed.

Yea, you see where I’m going with this…

ANYHOO….overall: I loved these cheapie products. They gave me better-than-expected results, without the hefty price tag of department store cosmetics. They helped me replicate The Natural look without everyone knowing I did the whole look for less than $10. The results were (almost) the same, for 1/80th the price. I would totes use these products again.

photo 7

A special thanks to my baby girl, who helped me make this blog possible. She is my love, my heart, my inspiration for everything I do.


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