The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day One ~ The Natural

I wanted to start this series in the proper way. And by the proper way, I mean to allow you to see me completely naked. No make-up, no falsities, no nothing. Just me, in the raw.

For those that know me, this is huge. I’m extremely self-conscious of myself. I see every flaw imaginable and wish to sculpt my face six ways from Sunday. But I can’t, so I deal with what I have.  Yea, it’s not the worst. Yet  I always consider myself a work-in-progress, as I do most of my life.

To go from naked to natural takes quite a bit of work. And more products than you can imagine.

CONFESSION TIME ~ I suffer from rosacea, which is a genetic skin condition that millions are familiar with. Yea, it’s that weird redness on people’s cheeks and chins, caused from broken capillaries.  I rarely talk about this, and only those that know me well understand how this condition has affected my self-confidence.

The times I’ve spent crying in the mirror.

The moments I’ve refused to leave the house in embarrassment.

The hours I’ve spent trying to cosmetically cover my condition, to no avail.

But then one day, a miracle happened: I found a dermatologist that not only understood me, but put me on a path of healing. And on that day, I sat in my car and cried tears of relief. Since then, everything has not been necessarily easy, but definitely easier.

Needless to say, my skin care routine and make-up choices are based solely around this condition. Yea, it sucks, but it is what it is, and I deal.

ANYHOO…I want you to see me exposed, then what I do when I do my ‘Everyday’ make-up. If you were to see me on the street, or meet me for a casual lunch, this is what you’d get. Nothing crazy, but a better-enhanced version of myself, according to my standards. I feel comfortable and confident with this look. It’s the bare minimum, but I’m cool with that.

I’m not loyal to one brand. I’ve tried them all and here are my current favs, to achieve The Natural.

From left to right: Finacia gel (prescription), Avon eye brightener (it vibrates. This shit is cool), Mary Kay moisturizer, Clinique concealer, Mac mascara, Avon lipstick and gloss, Bobbie Brown foundation, Stila eyeshadow, Mary Kay blush, Mac eyebrow powder.

photo 5


And here’s the result. The picture on the left is my Before, the one on the right is the After.



Tomorrow, I will attempt the Joan Jett. You 80’s bitches like myself will know what that means.




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