The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 3 ~ The French

This look was extremely challenging, despite my professionally experience, mostly because I was dealing with a cream eyeliner that had to be applied with a specific brush. This was not a grab-a-stick and slap-in-on type of deal. This one involved a steady hand and complete precision.

And a shit load of q-tips to fine tune this whole mess.

If the only thing you’ve learned in the past 3 blogs, invest in q-tips. They will save your ass.

So once again, I have purposely chosen different products than before, to represent how each product can give you unique results.

Today I used Clinique foundation (specially formulated for those with rosacea), Smashbox powder, Mary Kay eye base, Merle Norman eye cream, Mac eyebrow powder, Kat Von D eye shadow…and two particular products I’m happy to break out, just for this occasion ~ My NARS lip liner and lipstick. Exclusive colors that are only available in Paris. I HAD to have them, because I’ll only in be in France, like, once in my life, so let’s do this. BOOM.

photo 2


Here is the result.


photo 4

To be honest, I feel really comfortable in this look. A bit less than The Natural, yet a ton more than The Smoky. The lip is stronger than I’d do on the daily, but I’m comfortable with it. My lips are something I’ve never had an issue with, so why not rock them?

I love this look. It has served me well and always empowers me, regardless of my situation, whether I’m at the grocery store or the gas station. Or some other random location of my choice.

Be prepared. I may be standing behind you.


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