The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 2 ~ The Smoky Eye

Today I attempted the smoky eye/nude lip combo, made famous in fashion magazines, by rock n’ roll goddesses, streetwalkers and a majority of the Kardashians.

I knew this one was going to be challenging just due to the overwhelming amount of black eyeliner involved. I had to go through my entire makeup collection hoping to find black eye shadow, which turned out to be quite the chore. Black eye shadow, needless to say, is not in my daily repertoire. I eventually found some in an Avon quad I bought who-knows how many years ago. Then I had to search out whatever “nude” lipstick I might own, which was highly unlikely do to the fact that pale lipsticks make me look like Death.

Death, with freckles and red hair. Not very attractive.

Purposely choosing completely different products than yesterday, I laid them all out and began the process.

The items I used were Avon Moisturizer, Cose foundation that was blended specifically for me at Mario Tricoci, Avon MARK eye shadows, Avon eyeliner, Lancôme mascara, Benefit highlighter, Clinique brow pencil, Kat Von D lipstick, Mac lipglass, Ulta lipstick (used as blush), and a shit ton of q-tips to blend all this crap together.


Apparently the key to a successful smoky eye is to blend well but not make it look like you’ve spent anytime blending at all. Meh. Whatever.

Little Woman came home from school after I had just finished with my eyes, and I think I scared the crap out of her. I explained the look I was going for, even showing her a picture of Joan Jett. She laughed then pulled up a picture on her iPod, saying “mom, you look more like this.”



Clearly this child gets her sense of humor from her mother. I laughed so hard I smeared my eyeliner. Dammit.

So here’s the final look.


photo 6

A couple hours later, I tested this look on others. Much to her horror, I drove Little Woman to her school to attend a play (“Mom! You are NOT going to take me to school with that makeup on, are you?!). I took Dude to get ice cream, where the cute 16-year-old cashier complemented me on my eyes. Later in the evening an extremely young and overly perky marketing rep came to the door and said “Hieeeeeee, ohmygod I like your eye makeup! So I’m here to talk to you about blah blah blah…”

Holy crap, I guess this look does draw attention. Not sure if it’s my desired audience, but it did work.

When Hubby came home, he said he liked the look…just not exactly with yoga pants and a hoodie.

Hey, I’ve invented a new kind of sexy. The 43-year-old-suburban-mom-of-two-kids-yoga-pant-wearing kind of sexy. BOOM!

Tomorrow, I’ll attempt and road test the Gwen Stefani.


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