The 30-day sex challenge: Days 22 & 23

And on these days, we chose to rest.

Well, actually, it was totally my fault.

By the time Hubby emerged from his Man Cave both days, I was passed out. As in ‘kids and daily drama have sucked the life out of me’ passed out. He definitely gave it his best college try, but I refused.

Sometimes sleep trumps sex.  And at my age, I refuse to apologize for it.

I’m kind of a 100% type of gal. If I know I can’t do my job at full steam, than I won’t do it.

When I chose to become a wife, I meant every single vow I made. When I chose to become a mom 12 years ago, then again 7 years after that, I’ve committed every single solitary day to my kids. But there are days when these commitments kick me in the ass.

I refuse to have less than 100% sex with my husband. I’d rather save my energy for another day. So if that means a short break in-between, then so be it.

But be ready honey, ‘cuz those socks you’re wearing? I’ll knock them off six ways from Sunday. Guaranteed.

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