The 30-day sex challenge: Days 20 & 21

Something seems to have clicked in the second half of this challenge. The exhaustion has seemed to taper off and the desire has gotten stronger.

Nothing has changed in our daily lives at all. Hubby is still working long hours and dealing with a ridiculous commute. I’m still juggling my writing, the kids and household duties at 110% capacity completely on my own. Yet something has changed.

Certain things are obvious; we’re both more relaxed. We’re both sleeping better. The arguments have become less and less. The air in the house has gotten lighter. Communication is getting easier.

Hey, maybe this daily sex stuff really does work!

Day 20’s encounter was a quickie, exactly what we both wanted at that moment. Screw the wine, soft talk and romance. A little roughhousing and a game of slap and tickle fit the bill just fine. Even the sweet, innocent looking girls want to be bad every once in a while. MEOW!

On Day 21, I barely had the chance to get myself ready for bed when Hubby was anxiously requesting my company. I was barely on the bed when it became obvious that he was ready to go. I was flattered, and pleasantly surprised about his increasing stamina. Not that it ever was a problem before, it was just being exercised so far and few in-between. Not necessarily my fault nor his, it just….was.

Things have slowly returned to the way it was when we first started dating a million years ago; the anticipation, the excitement, the simple fun of having sex.

I can only assume that things will only get better in the remaining 9 days.

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