The 30-day sex challenge: Day 24

Yea….um….I got nothin’.

Hubby came home. Ate these amazing pork chops I cooked (if I do say so myself.) Played with the kids. Put the kids to bed. Eventually called me down to the Man Cave to watch the latest Star Trek thingamajig. It was cool. I liked it. And then I retired to the bedroom, completely exhausted.

The next thing you know, Hubby’s 5 AM alarm clock was going off. Holy crap, already? I awoke in a daze, not exactly sure if Hubby even came to bed at all that night.

See, while in the Man Cave, all semblance of time and space disappears. Much like a Black Hole, one is never guaranteed to emerge again. After all, in the Man Cave, there is a big screen TV.  There are 10 million movies on Apple TV. There is a running toilet. There is a mini-fridge and microwave. What more can a man ask for?!

Yes, I could’ve taken him at any point, but we all remember the Ottoman Incident of 2013.  Yea, not going back there again….I think I’m still recovering. Meh.

So for your entertainment, I will share the following statistics. Only because I found these informative and hysterical, considering I hate statistics in general. And all things that involve math. Dammit Jim, I’m a writer, not a mathematician!



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