The 30-day sex challenge: Day 19

So you know that whole thing I wrote before about how men really don’t seem to care about lingerie? That they just want straight sex, no outfits or fuss, so why do us women bother?

Yea, I totally went against that rule on this night.

I was feeling saucy and wanted to do something fun. So I pulled my Naughty Nurse outfit that rarely sees the light of day out from the closet. Black stretchy nurses gown that comes mid-thigh, red fishnet stockings, matching thong underwear, the works. Zipping that bitch up was a chore. I was, um, a bit thinner when I bought it. But thank Jeebus for spandex, because I was able to pour myself into it. To say that it accentuated every single lady lump I have is an understatement.

I quietly tip toe down to the man cave, only to find Hubby snoring on the couch. Really?! Talk about a buzz kill. But I know my Hubby well enough to know that he can go from zero to sixty in a heartbeat. It’s a talent, it truly is. And he thinks I married him for love……HA!

So I gently tap him on the shoulder. He wakes. He sees me in the outfit. GAME ON!

For the first time in all our years together, we finally christened our beautiful finished basement. I took him on the couch, and then eventually threw him on the ottoman.

For those that visit us in the future, you may never look at that ottoman the same way ever again. Oh and by the way, I don’t think we’ll ever be having sex on the ottoman ever again. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, and I think I pulled six major muscles in the process. Lesson learned.

Day 20 to follow. In the meantime, you can find me on facebook and Twitter

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