The birth of a blog

The birth of a blog

I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now, and over the years have had several people ask me why I decided to do it.

It started with a trip to my local bookstore. I came across a book about blogging, written by what turns out a very respected blogger in her field. Just for shits n’ giggles I bought it, and quickly devoured every page. The visuals were so beautiful, and the idea of creating a blog as beautiful as hers seemed so possible.  I then put that book down, taking my time to allow each word, thought and ideal that book presented to simmer with time, for when the time was right.

Eventually, that time came. I had recently quit my full time corporate job to stay home with the kids and rekindle my freelance writing career. A huge jump but necessary at the time. Once firmly nestled in my new life, the solitude began to suffocate me. After spending all of your time within the same 4 walls with 2 children that won’t seem to go away, your nerves become shot. When you’re use to having adult conversations with those of drinking age and capable of having a rational conversation that didn’t involve the word ‘poop’, this is a huge culture shock. Eventually all my stifled feelings, concerns and frustrations reached their tipping point. Mama quickly became post-homicidal, so a decision was made. I needed to get all the crap rolling around in my head OUT. And post-haste. For my own sanity as well as those around me.

So I started to write about all the dumb crap that was going on in my head about the complicated dichotomy of being a WAHM. I shared my stories of juggling networking during nap time, writing insightful copy in between potty training, calling clients while cooking dinner and proofreading articles while making PB&J sandwiches.

And then a funny thing happened.

People started to respond to my work. My readership numbers quickly multiplied. Apparently I’m not the only one who understands my ridiculous world. I’m thrilled I not only give others like myself a voice, but to discover a whole new world I never knew existed that actually allows this to happen ~ WOW! For some silly Irish girl that grew up on the south side of Chicago, this is huge. I appreciate this opportunity to speak for all the other hard workin’ mamas out there by saying the things they can’t (or won’t), and to expose the world from my point of view. I speak my mind and refuse to sugar coat crap. I may be blunt, some have called me crude. But I promise to always be honest. And as long as people continue to respond to my work and it serves as great therapy for me, I’ll continue to explore this amazing world of blogging.

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