Cancer And The Art Of Writing A Blog

I don’t claim to have the biggest following here at Chicago Now but the relatively few who have followed my blog regularly doubtless have noticed that my output has dwindled from fairly robust to a mere trickle to practically non-existent.  To a certain extent this is due to my on-going battle with esophageal cancer.  The chemotherapy I’ve been undergoing has reduced my resistance.  As a result, I picked up a viral infection that has plagued me for well over a month.

Frankly, I haven’t had the energy or drive needed to follow the world of politics the way it should be followed in order to write a logical, sensible blog.  Although I must admit there are a great many people who read this blog who would question whether I write logical, sensible blogs even when I’m entirely healthy.  Besides the health factor, there is also the psychological factor involved.  When faced with the distinct possibility that I might not survive long enough to even be able to vote in the next election, it does cause one to ponder whether it’s worth the time,  energy and effort to rail against the latest round of outrageous behavior coming out of the White House.

Does this mean I’ve succumbed to the depression often associated with a fatal disease?  Oddly enough, not so far.  Oh, I can’t honestly say I’m my old chipper self.  I’m not as involved with the political world or the news world for that matter.  When that happens you kind of get cut off from the source of inspiration for writing a blog about reason in our political system.  I’m not reading newspapers, I’m hardly in front of my computer scanning for the latest bits and pieces coming out of Washington and points west.  Even my library visits have been curtailed.  So perhaps one can understand how my inspiration has been similarly reduced.  Am I feeling sorry for myself?  Not a bit of it.  Yes esophageal cancer is a killer.  But then I had a heart attack when I was 31 years old.  In spite of that affliction, I’ve reached the relatively old age of 70 and frankly when I was 31 I doubted that I’d even make it to 50, so I can’t honestly complain that this cancer of mine is cutting me off from the prime of my life.

As I’ve said before, I’m not as taken with politics as I was as a young man.  Back then what the poohbahs in Washington did directly affected my life.  First there was the Viet Nam War.  I balanced a young man’s desire to stay alive and unharmed with the reality of a low draft lottery number.  As you leave school and face the job market, the reality of a recession impinged on my best laid plans for a profitable career.  And, of course, when you do find a job, taxes become a matter of grave concern, all of which is directly controlled by our politicians in Washington D.C.

But now I’m 70, riddled with cancer, faced with the prospect of a highly shortened life span.  And so I’ve come to the realization that there isn’t much President Trump can do to me that can affect my long term future because I don’t have one.  So the world of politics doesn’t hold the same interest for me it once did.  Or at least it didn’t until I gave the subject some further thought.  And now I can honestly say that I am once again inspired to speak out.  Yes, I probably won’t live long enough to vote in the next election.  I certainly won’t be around to see what the 2024 government is up to.  But it occurs to me I have nieces and nephews who will.  The children of my friends and their grandchildren will live with the consequences of the depredations imposed by today’s politicians.  And so I asked myself how I could just sit back and remain silent.  And I can’t.  So I’m happy to say I’m back in the game.  I don’t know for how long or how often, but I will say this, I don’t plan on going gently into that good night!!!

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  • Don't let cancer win. You have so much to share and debate. Maybe it takes a bit longer, but we will all profit from your thoughts and remarks.

  • In reply to rufus:

    Thanks for those kind words. I'm fighting as hard as I can so maybe there's another miracle in my future!

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