Could It Be Alzheimer's Or Senile Dementia?

One of the great under reported factoids during this election process of ours thus far is Donald Trump’s age and overall physical condition. Now I’d be the LAST one to say Donald Trump is too old to old to be President. This may be because I’m just about two years younger than he is. But, merely by observation, I think there’s a distinct possibility that something more ominous may be going on in that man’s head. Yes, not unlike Ronald Reagan before him, Donald Trump doesn’t look his age but after all he IS 70 years old, not exactly ancient by any means, but hardly on the upward trajectory of mental or physical health.

Now before any of you Trumpies out there decide to try to exercise your Second Amendment rights on ME, I must point out that Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old herself this October and Bernie Sanders will be 75 his next birthday. So the Presidential candidates this year can hardly be described as spring chickens. But it would be negligent in the extreme to dismiss out of hand the possibility that Donald Trump is going through the early stages of senile dementia or Alzherimer’s.

All you have to do is examine the recent spate of crazy things coming out of Mr. Trump’s mouth. They may not necessarily be the ravings of a lunatic but they may indicate that all is not well with the mental processes of one Donald J. Trump. Yes, Khizr Khan said some harsh things about Mr. Trump, but that doesn’t give the Donald license to insult Mr. Khan or his wife either. Equating whatever sacrifices he has made in life with the tremendous loss of a son in combat only serves to underscore the fact that he may not be functioning on all cylinders.

Even more frightening, however, was his reaction to questions on Russia and its relationship with its neighbor Ukraine. First he insisted that Russia wasn’t interfering with Crimea, seeming to forget that Russia occupied that part of Ukraine two years ago. Misstatement or mistake? Perhaps. But as he was listening to the host’s correction, there was this blank look on his face. It appeared as if he had lost his entire train of thought, a situation so reminiscent of Alzheimer’s patients in the early stages of that disease.

When one looks at Trump’s sharp reaction to criticism, the way he seems to bounce from subject to subject in his speeches seemingly without rhyme or reason, the way he constantly seems to contradict himself in his statements of fact, it reminds me of the last days of Ronald Reagan’s second term, a period of time when it was becoming clear that he was in the initial phase of Alzheimer’s himself. The difference here is that with Reagan, he developed the disease AFTER he was elected President. The American people had unknowingly placed a man with a severe mental problem in the most powerful position on this planet. Might we be making the same mistake now? Is it possible that Donald Trump is a time bomb just waiting to explode?

Let me make a number of things crystal clear. First, I’m not a doctor. But I have seen people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. This hardly makes me an expert but it DOES give me a frame of reference to go by. Second, I’m hardly a Donald Trump fan or supporter, so I’m more than willing to concede that my observations may be tainted by my feelings for the man. But the frightening question is, in spite of all these things, might I be right about Donald Trump?

There’s so much we really don’t know about the man. He purports to be a successful entrepreneur who is the possessor of an immense personal fortune, but he won’t let anyone see his personal income tax returns which would go a long way in confirming his financial status. His personal physician vouches for his health, to the point that one would think the man could leap tall buildings at a single bound, making one think that this is more like Shakespeare’s observation, “methinks he doth protest too much”. Much of his early personal history is shrouded in mystery. What is his relationship with members of organized crime, for instance. With so many other questions hanging over his head, adding a note of skepticism about his personal health is just one more reason to give pause before thrusting this man into the Oval Office of the White House!

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  • He's definitely a narcissistic, misogynistic, childish, vitriolic lout. Sure. Much of his behavior could certainly be the result of the early stages of Alzheimer's or demential or maybe bipolar disorder. Any way you look at it, he ain't fit to be our president!

  • I'm not a doctor either, but it sounds more like schizophrenia. Unlike Reagan, Trump has been doing this for decades.It also seems inherited from grandpa Friedrich Drumpf.
    Either that, or Trump knows how to communicate with the cognitively impaired, or is the bad prostate generation's Ashton Kutcher and is punking them.

  • Interesting way of looking at it!

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