What makes being a teen harder than being a kid?

Becoming a teenager is a lot of things: exciting, fun, difficult, emotional and so much more. The transition from being a child to becoming a teenager is usually very difficult for most. We, as children, want things, for the most part, to stay the same. There is a lot more expected from you the second you become a teen; good grades, helping around the house, taking responsibility for your actions, surrounding yourself with good influences and much more. When you’re a child, many adults help you through everything, but when you become a teenager, everyone expects you to take responsibility for yourself, and you lose a lot of the help you earlier received, but gain a different type. Instead of  just giving you the answer to a difficult math problem, you are guided to figure it out on your own. In one of her songs, Innocent,  Taylor Swift puts this a great way, she says  “everything out of reach, someone bigger brought down to you”. She is referring to her younger ages when she could be more dependent on others and wasn’t forced to be so independent. She wishes to be back when everything was “beautiful when you believed in everything, And everybody believed in you?”. Every time I hear this song, it makes me a little sad, because it makes me realize that I wish I could go back to those days as well. Through all the Advanced Placement courses, Honors classes, exams, and mid-terms; a time comes when a teenager just wants to go back to those “firefly-catchin’ days”.

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