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Somewhere in America…Miley Cyrus is still TWERKING!

Not Syria, not the 50th anniversary of the Martin Luther King Speech, not even me loosing 3 pounds, was the talk of the world this week. (And let me tell you those pounds weren’t lost from a lack of trying to keep them on.) Nope. The talk of the world is that Miley Cyrus is... Read more »

Django Unchained is a great movie that will change you as an African American Man. It is a must see for all.

I love Spike Lee to death. That being said Django Unchained is a great movie that all should see. It gives us a life like African American Superhero during Slavery. Maybe Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee are friends and Quentin hired Spike to create a buzz about Django Unchained. Or maybe, just maybe, Spike Lee... Read more »

Artistry and individuality are essential for the rebirth resurrection and the rise of music.

Many moons ago I decided that I wanted to take the road less traveled and provide an outlet for unsigned and forgotten artists. I created ClubbinTV and spent every dollar I had, borrowed dollars from family and friends, sought out investors, won over sponsors and launched the managed bar, live performance engagement marketing events geared... Read more »