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Not my PRINCE...

This is tough. I let yesterday go by because if I were writing in my feelings I would have said things about Warner Brothers that may have gotten my blog removed.  There are many great interviews that have summed up the death of the icon, “Prince”. Check this interview of Van Jones on CNN. Read more »

Cub Fans, "It's Gonna Be Alright"

We lost! We got swept! We never had the lead!… It’s all good. As a life long Cub fan whose favorite players are Shawon Dunston, Andre Dawson, and Thad Bosley, I believe the back office and the current coach have this under control. This is a different Cubs organization! Of course I wanted to go... Read more »

Milwaukee’s Rave/Eagle Club and Chance the Rapper. The perfect combination!

Once again I owe my son to keeping me relevant with all of the new Rappers. Last week we went to see Mick Jenkins and this week we are here in Milwaukee to see Chance The Rapper. The Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee never lets a fan down. The staff is on point, Shout out to... Read more »

I will miss me some Heidi Guyot(s)...

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge when a person comes into your life and makes a big difference. Many people never have an opportunity to tell a person how they feel about them until it is too late. Well I had the opportunity to tell my Mother In Law how I felt about her a... Read more »

Straight Out of Compton!

Straight Out Of Compton a crazy MF named Ice Cube. I had to get that out of my system! Freshly blessed from seeing, “Straight Out Of Compton”, at the AMC theatre in Vernon Hills, with recliners and alcohol, I can tell you that this movie is one of CubeVisions best. I went into the movie... Read more »

I Miss Ja Rule!

I miss you Ja Rule, and I apologize. I thought good Hip Hop and R&B would be the norm in the future. I took Bad Boy, Murder Inc, So So Def, The Def Squad, as well as the Wu Tang Clan, NWA, BDP, Public Enemy and all the other 90’s Hip Hop and R&B groups... Read more »

While you all were looking at Bruce Jenner a.k.a CAITYLN, MATT LEGRAND rocked Chicago!

It felt good to get back on the grind and attend a star studded event in Chicago last night at the Vertigo Lounge. I must say the rooftop space is really nice. I felt like a baller! I tried to give my mean mug, Puff Daddy billion dollar grin. All that came out though was... Read more »

Happy Mothers Day to my African Queen. I Love You Mom!

I learned at an early age that my mother was an amazingly strong woman! I had convulsions when I was a youth so having weekly seizures or abnormal fevers was the norm. Since the ugly face of racism had a strong hold on society in general, and at the job place in particular, my mother... Read more »

Sister Olivia give me back my Mr Quarterback from 1981!

Man I remember being in Catholic School and bringing my new electronic Mr. Quarterback to school to show my friends. We used to play our electronic games during the break in-between the teachers coming to our classroom. (Remember those days when the teachers came to you?) Anyway my buddies Michael Harris, Kevin Gipson and I... Read more »

The top 10 2014 best in music releases!

  As I was writing this blog I saw that Joe Cocker has just died at the age of 70. You can read more about Joe Cocker here.   Music was and is the greatest equalizer when it comes to race relations and if you can sing it doesn’t matter what color you are because... Read more »