Since 1992, I have been the host of the music entertainment television show called ClubbinTV. While hosting ClubbinTV, I've interviewed over 5300 celebrities from Alicia Keys to Warren Beatty.

The show won the billboard award in 2001 for best regional music television show. Producing the show has allowed me to venture into other avenues and use my creative abilities to help fortune 500 companies market new products and services to a grass roots tastemaker database that is approaching 4 million contacts.

Although the TV show lead me to the marketing side, I got my start doing stand up in high school and was voted one of the six funniest up and coming high school comedians in the state of Illinois. The stand up lead me to place 2nd in the Doritos Comedy College Tour Contest search nationally hosted by David Letterman in 1991.

The writing bug has stuck with me since then and allowed me to use the creative talents to write scripts for the ClubbinTV show as well as pen 4 full screenplays and 5 new TV shows that will change the way that people align with advertisers.

These on screen mediums are the vehicles that will take me to heights never imagined. There are other reasons I want to dominate in-front of and behind the screen; the lack of positive African American role models in movies and on television.

The Movies, the TV SHOWS, and other vehicles that I have written do not push pre-existing stereotypes on any races. I think that this is key in developing the melting pot which much exist in our future.