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You can wallow in bad economic times or you can do something about it

Bob Brehmer I interview a lot of people these days about residential and commercial real estate. If you understand anything about the world of freelance writing today, you know this: It’s not the easiest way to make a living. Print magazines and newspapers are shutting down across the country. For freelance writers, this means more... Read more »

Real estate and the interconnected world

Robb Bagguley has seen plenty of real estate slumps. But he’s never seen a slump like the one the United States is currently suffering. Bagguley is president of the Midwest region of Transwestern, a commercial real estate company based in Chicago. This slump is different, he says, for one big reason: it’s global. “In previous... Read more »

Richard Stein: Chicago has the right stuff for a housing, economic rebound

Richard Stein Richard Stein is a realist. He also knows his real estate. He’s senior managing director of Chicago-based commercial real estate developer Mesirow Financial, so when he says that Chicago’s housing market and economy are poised to boom again once the nation’s economic recovery picks up more momentum, I believe him. The problem is,... Read more »

Sean Conlon believes in Chicago housing again, and that's good news

Sean Conlon Here’s a good sign that the residential real estate market in Chicago is in full recovery mode: Sean Conlon is back in it. Conlon has always had a knack for making money from real estate. In the mid-1990s, he became the top-selling real estate agent in Chicago. Pretty impressive considering that Conlon didn’t... Read more »