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Turning a warehouse into a hockey rink: Creativity is the key in today's real estate world

The building's exterior
For my day job as editor of Midwest Real Estate News I recently wrote a story about a construction company in St. Louis turning an office/warehouse building into an ice hockey rink. The company, ARCO Construction, rented out about 30,000 square feet of their facility to a youth hockey team. Of course, this being a... Read more »

Selling a Chicago condo doesn't have to be impossible

The statistics are gloomy. There’s a glut of unsold condos in downtown Chicago. Selling one is a difficult task. Surprisingly, though, moving a condo isn’t quite the impossible task you might think. Just ask the Ferrazza family. Joe and Angela Ferrazza last summer sold their investment condo in Chicago’s River North neighborhood in about two-and-a-half... Read more »