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Resisting the temptation to declare the start of a Chicago housing market rebound

The March sales numbers from the Illinois Association of Realtors were good for Chicago. Not only did the number of condo and single-family home sales in the city rise during the month, so did the median price of these sales. That last point is important. For months, city of Chicago home sales have been rising,... Read more »

Does the end of housing tax credits mean the end of Chicago housing recovery?

I write a lot about the Washington, D.C. housing market. I used to write frequently for the Washington Post’s real estate section. Today, I contribute posts to a DC real estate agent’s blog. It’s a nice place to write about because it’s one of the stronger housing markets in the nation, even with the housing... Read more »

The new world of Chicago housing

My timing was awful. Housing prices in Chicago plummeted as soon as I finished signing my name on our closing documents. That was back in 2006, when my wife and I purchased our home in suburban Chicago. We managed the neat trick of buying when housing prices in the city and suburbs were at their... Read more »