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No more $5 pizzas ... a (sort of) housing market lesson

The $5 pizza restaurant in my neighborhood closed down yesterday, much to the dismay of my 13-year-old son. That’s right, for just $5 you could get a large pepperoni, sausage or cheese pizza. It wouldn’t taste that great, but two pizzas for $10 could feed our family on lazy nights when no one felt like... Read more »

Why so stressed out Chicago?

Trying to get to work each morning in the Chicago area is no easy task. Housing values here are falling. The unemployment rate in Chicago stood at 10.5 percent in July, higher than the national average. And a new report from the Federal Reserve said that the economy in Chicago is actually slowing. It’s all... Read more »

Some hope from a Chicago transplant

Cleveland isn’t nearly as bad a place to live as its reputation suggests. Michael Glass calls himself a Chicagoan. “I was born and raised in Chicago,” he told me during a recent interview. Today, though, Glass lives and works in Cleveland. Don’t joke. Cleveland is a much better place to live than you might think.... Read more »

Why residential real estate is killing the economy

Thomas Dennard Technically the Great Recession is over. It just doesn’t feel like it. There are two reasons for this: Unemployment is too high and the housing market is still in the dumps. That’s my feeling, anyway. The unemployment thing is pretty easy to understand. People don’t feel financially stable if they’re worried that they... Read more »