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Looking for a quick real estate turnaround? How about waiting until 2015?

Albert Berriz Are things getting better yet in the real estate world? No one knows the answer to that. But those people working in the business say that anyone who expects a quick real estate turnaround, on both the residential and commercial sides of the business, is bound to be disappointed. Yesterday, for example, I... Read more »

No one's getting lucky in Chicago condo market

Heather Hillebrand Here’s the trick with selling a condo in Chicago: A lot of them are nearly identical. It’s not easy for owners to get their condos to stand out. It’s why veteran real estate agents tell their sellers to never list their condos for a pie-in-the-sky price in the hopes of landing a big... Read more »

Real estate and the interconnected world

Robb Bagguley has seen plenty of real estate slumps. But he’s never seen a slump like the one the United States is currently suffering. Bagguley is president of the Midwest region of Transwestern, a commercial real estate company based in Chicago. This slump is different, he says, for one big reason: it’s global. “In previous... Read more »

Lincoln Square still the little neighborhood that could

The Fountain View, Lincoln Square Monique Sandberg lives in Chicago’s Lincoln Square. She serves as the president of the Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce. And as an agent with Prudential Rubloff, Sandberg sells condominiums and single-family homes here, too. It’s safe to say, then, that she’s a bit of an expert when it comes to... Read more »

The benefits of staying put; some homeowners decide this isn't the right time to sell

The couple admits that they’re not especially decisive people. They still haven’t been able to decide on a replacement for their dishwasher that leaked all over their kitchen floor more than a year-and-a-half ago. They do their dishes by hand now. So you have to pity the poor real estate agent who’s taken them out... Read more »

Paul Beitler: Frugal consumers don't help the economy, or real estate

J. Paul Beitler Because I’m the editor of a real estate trade magazine I often get to speak with influential leaders in the world of real estate. This morning I spoke with J. Paul Beitler, president of Chicago-based Beitler Real Estate Corporation, one of the more influential commercial real estate companies in the country. You... Read more »