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A Chicago suburban house with its own cemetery could be yours

A historic home for sale in the Chicago suburb of Barrington Hills comes with more than hardwood floors, a master bedroom and nicely landscaped front and back yards: It comes with its own cemetery. The country cottage at 74 Meadow Hill Road, built around 1842, comes with a lot of history, too. The Barrington Hills... Read more »

Does the end of housing tax credits mean the end of Chicago housing recovery?

I write a lot about the Washington, D.C. housing market. I used to write frequently for the Washington Post’s real estate section. Today, I contribute posts to a DC real estate agent’s blog. It’s a nice place to write about because it’s one of the stronger housing markets in the nation, even with the housing... Read more »

Chicago's top real estate agent: Price it well or it won't sell

Last week I spoke with Mario Greco, the top-producing real estate agent in the city of Chicago, about some things that buyers should keep in mind when making offers on condos or single-family homes in Chicago. Of course, this being one of the toughest times in Chicago to sell a home, I spoke with Mario,... Read more »

Looking for a geodesic dome home in Chicago? You're in luck

I once wrote about Buckminster Fuller and his concept of the geodesic home for a magazine called Mental Floss. The Fuller piece was part of a larger story about housing ideas that never truly caught on. The thing is, a geodesic dome is actually a pretty good thing in which to live. They’re awfully sturdy,... Read more »