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No one's getting lucky in Chicago condo market

Heather Hillebrand Here’s the trick with selling a condo in Chicago: A lot of them are nearly identical. It’s not easy for owners to get their condos to stand out. It’s why veteran real estate agents tell their sellers to never list their condos for a pie-in-the-sky price in the hopes of landing a big... Read more »

Fearing the appraisal in Chicago

Beki Darin I’d love to refinance my mortgage loan. Problem is, I don’t think my modest single-family home in Chicago’s west suburbs would appraise at a high enough value. In fact, I’m pretty certain that I am one of the many Chicago-area homeowners who is underwater. For those not in the know, this means that... Read more »

Sean Conlon believes in Chicago housing again, and that's good news

Sean Conlon Here’s a good sign that the residential real estate market in Chicago is in full recovery mode: Sean Conlon is back in it. Conlon has always had a knack for making money from real estate. In the mid-1990s, he became the top-selling real estate agent in Chicago. Pretty impressive considering that Conlon didn’t... Read more »

Chicago's top real estate agent: Price it well or it won't sell

Last week I spoke with Mario Greco, the top-producing real estate agent in the city of Chicago, about some things that buyers should keep in mind when making offers on condos or single-family homes in Chicago. Of course, this being one of the toughest times in Chicago to sell a home, I spoke with Mario,... Read more »