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Do we really want Realtors to market to us?

As a freelance writer, I sometimes write things that I don’t really believe. It comes with the job. I think about this every time I get a new e-mail from a local Realtor in my inbox. The problem is, I never asked for this Realtor to send me any of his obviously automated messages. I... Read more »

First-time homebuyers still face challenges

First-time homebuyers still face challenges
Buying a home today is supposed to be easier than ever for first-time home buyers. Sellers are desperate, and are willing to compromise on everything from sales price to repairs to closing dates. At the same time, housing inventories are high, meaning that buyers have plenty of homes from which to choose. But Greg McCoy,... Read more »

No one's getting lucky in Chicago condo market

Heather Hillebrand Here’s the trick with selling a condo in Chicago: A lot of them are nearly identical. It’s not easy for owners to get their condos to stand out. It’s why veteran real estate agents tell their sellers to never list their condos for a pie-in-the-sky price in the hopes of landing a big... Read more »

Even green building not immune to economic slump

The bad economy has hit real estate developers especially hard. Those that haven’t gone out of business — and many in Chicago and its suburbs already have shut their doors — are scrambling to find ways to save money. And investing in new technology or services? Forget it. This holds true even for green measures.... Read more »

Condo building auctions not popular in Chicago these days

Evan Gladstone With the Chicago housing market still struggling, and with unsold condo units glutting the city market, you might think that lenders would be selling a lot of multi-unit condo buildings at auction these days. You’d be wrong. Evan Gladstone, executive managing director of Chicago’s NRC Realty & Capital Advisors — a national real... Read more »

Chicago not only green-building pioneer in the Midwest

For all his flaws, Mayor Daley has done at least one thing right during his long tenure as mayor of Chicago: He’s encouraged developers, whether they’re building in the heart of downtown Chicago or on the far South Side, to build green and environmentally friendly buildings. We have an awful lot of garden rooftops in... Read more »

News of the obvious: Our houses are getting bigger

My older son just took out a subscription to Popular Science. There were two things about the magazine that surprised me: First, the stories were quite entertaining, even to a non-science guy like myself. Secondly, there were an awful lot of ads for male enhancement products in the back. I suppose that is science. And... Read more »

Sean Conlon believes in Chicago housing again, and that's good news

Sean Conlon Here’s a good sign that the residential real estate market in Chicago is in full recovery mode: Sean Conlon is back in it. Conlon has always had a knack for making money from real estate. In the mid-1990s, he became the top-selling real estate agent in Chicago. Pretty impressive considering that Conlon didn’t... Read more »

Turning a warehouse into a hockey rink: Creativity is the key in today's real estate world

The building's exterior
For my day job as editor of Midwest Real Estate News I recently wrote a story about a construction company in St. Louis turning an office/warehouse building into an ice hockey rink. The company, ARCO Construction, rented out about 30,000 square feet of their facility to a youth hockey team. Of course, this being a... Read more »

A Chicago suburban house with its own cemetery could be yours

A historic home for sale in the Chicago suburb of Barrington Hills comes with more than hardwood floors, a master bedroom and nicely landscaped front and back yards: It comes with its own cemetery. The country cottage at 74 Meadow Hill Road, built around 1842, comes with a lot of history, too. The Barrington Hills... Read more »