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Chicago home sellers should be happy that commercial real estate is in recovery mode

You might not think it matters to the Chicago housing market if developers can get loans from banks to build industrial properties. But all real estate in the city is connected. If the city’s commercial real estate markets are doing well, that means that developers are building again, new stores are opening and, most importantly,... Read more »

It doesn't pay to be a small business today

Small businesses are struggling. Just ask John Robinson. He’s executive vice president with the Indianapolis office of Jones Lang LaSalle, a commercial real estate company. When he looks at the commercial real estate market across Indianapolis and its suburbs, he notices one thing: Those tenants that want to lease space in the 10,000- to 30,000-square-foot... Read more »

Looking for a quick real estate turnaround? How about waiting until 2015?

Albert Berriz Are things getting better yet in the real estate world? No one knows the answer to that. But those people working in the business say that anyone who expects a quick real estate turnaround, on both the residential and commercial sides of the business, is bound to be disappointed. Yesterday, for example, I... Read more »

Want to sell your home quickly? Get rid of those smells

The smell of cigarette smoke can scuttle your housing sale. My wife and I were looking at a nice home: It was a brick bungalow, well within our price range and large enough for our family. Problem was, it smelled. The entire place reeked of cat urine. That outweighed the hardwood floors, impressive first-floor staircase... Read more »

Multi-family housing still hanging tough

Mike Jehle, Midwest regional director for Arbor Commercial Mortgage, a direct mortgage lender, didn’t hesitate when I asked him which real estate sector was the strongest these days. He told me it was multi-family, by just about any measure you could use to evaluate success. I didn’t doubt this. Everyone I talk to tells me... Read more »

That rent vs. buy question doesn't look so obvious anymore

During the height of the residential real estate boom I’d often write the rent-vs.-buy story. If you’ve read the real estate section of any newspaper in the last 10 years, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled across some version of this story: Does it make more financial sense to buy a home or rent an apartment? During the... Read more »

You can wallow in bad economic times or you can do something about it

Bob Brehmer I interview a lot of people these days about residential and commercial real estate. If you understand anything about the world of freelance writing today, you know this: It’s not the easiest way to make a living. Print magazines and newspapers are shutting down across the country. For freelance writers, this means more... Read more »

Real estate slump impacts more than just agents, loan officers

Real estate slump impacts more than just agents, loan officers
Wayne Smith The long real estate slump hasn’t been kind to Chicago real estate agents and mortgage lenders. There’s no arguing this. But these real estate professionals aren’t the only ones hurting because of the housing slowdown in the city. Last month, I interviewed Wayne Smith, president of Chicago’s Pioneer Engineering and Environmental Services. Developers... Read more »

Real estate and the interconnected world

Robb Bagguley has seen plenty of real estate slumps. But he’s never seen a slump like the one the United States is currently suffering. Bagguley is president of the Midwest region of Transwestern, a commercial real estate company based in Chicago. This slump is different, he says, for one big reason: it’s global. “In previous... Read more »

Do Illinois' problems make Northwest Indiana more attractive to businesses?

Downtown Valparaiso, not too far from where I once lived. Long ago, back when I was barely out of college, a friend and I were traveling to Ohio. We had to go through Indiana to get there. We found ourselves motoring along the Indiana Tollway in the middle of the night, not a whiff of... Read more »