Housing prices rise. Chick-fil-a opens. What do you care most about?

I spoke at a career fair at a suburban high school today, talking to freshmen about what freelance writing is all about. One of the students asked me which of my stories generate the most interest.

I hate to say it, but the first thing I thought of was Chick-fil-a.

Every time I write about a new Chick-fil-a restaurant hitting one of the Midwest markets I cover at my commercial real estate magazine the page views on the magazine’s Web site and blog soar. Seems a lot of people are searching the Web for information about Chick-fil-a.

Now, I’ve written about some important things, especially for anyone who owns a home, is buying one or who is trying to sell one. That covers a lot of people. If I post about Zillow reporting the biggest gains in home sale prices since 2006, I’ll get some interest. But if I post about the new Chick-fil-a entering downtown Lexington? That’ll really get the hits.

Now, Chick-fil-a makes a good chicken sandwich. But let’s be honest here: Is it really that much better than that chicken sandwich you can get at any other fast-food restaurant?

After the career fair ended today, one of my fellow speakers mentioned that she wanted to stop at Chick-fil-a this morning, but that the line of cars at the drive-through stretched out the restaurant’s parking lot.  And that’s just for breakfast. Imagine the lunch-time rush.

So what gives, people? What hold does the Chick-fil-a sandwich have on you?


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    hmmm. Chick Fil A. I just think theres more to it than you are saying.

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