Chicagoans can't keep still, apparently

There are a lot of us in Chicago who don’t like where we live. Not the city, of course. We like that. We just want to live somewhere else in it.

At least that’s what the latest numbers from, an online provider of moving information, seem to suggest. released its latest round of moving statistics this week. The company found that Chicago joined Phoenix, Orlando, Los Angeles and Houston as having the most moving traffic in the second quarter of 2010.

What is prompting Chicago residents to move so frequently? The survey offers no answers. But Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, right? This means that there’s always a better neighborhood out there for which to strive. You might be perfectly happy living in Bucktown. But you can’t help but wonder if you’d be even happier living in Lincoln Square. (They have that great bratwurst place there, after all.)

So, what do you do? You move.

Of course, this doesn’t work so well when you own a house and have a family. In this case, you’re staying put.

But all those other restless souls? Maybe they’re the ones causing Chicago to rank so high in the survey.

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