Why so stressed out Chicago?

Trying to get to work each morning in the Chicago area is no easy task. Housing values here are falling. The unemployment rate in Chicago stood at 10.5 percent in July, higher than the national average.

And a new report from the Federal Reserve said that the economy in Chicago is actually slowing.

It’s all enough to make Chicago residents a bit stressed.

That might explain why Chicago ranked as the eighth-most stressed city in the United States according to a new report from Portfolio.com.

This ranking isn’t that surprising. The Portfolio report cited those high commute times and the relatively high chance that Chicagoans will become robbery victims.

I’d put the unemployment rate and the falling housing values on there, too.

Of course, things could be worse. Detroit topped the list of most stressful U.S. cities, for obvious reasons. Other nearby cities that ranked as more stressful than Chicago include Cleveland, third on Portfolio’s list, and St. Louis, fifth.

If you want a truly stress-free lifestyle, you might want to set up shop in Salt Lake City. The Utah city ranked as the least-stressful of all U.S. cities.

I’ve been to Salt Lake City, though. It was 99 degrees there. And those mountains looked like walls hemming me in.

Give me Chicago any day. I’ll take the high traffic times. Ever try to find a decent pizza in Salt Lake City?


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