Agents in Illinois like Obama; they don't in most of the rest of the country

Did you know that most real estate agents don’t like the job that Pres. Barack Obama is doing?

I didn’t, at least not until I read the 2010 second quarter home prices survecy released by HomeGain.

Local Obama supporters, though, shouldn’t be overly dismayed; Illinois is one of the few states in which homeowners and real estate agents both approve of the job that the president is doing.

It’s hardly surprising that agents aren’t thrilled with the work that Obama has turned in so far. The first-time and mvoe-up homebuying tax credits have expired under his watch, coinciding with a drop in housing sales. The Home Affordable Modification Program created by the Obama Administration hasn’t been nearly as successful in preventing housing foreclosures as the government had hoped.

And, worst of all, the residential housing market is still mostly languishing, with housing values still way down from their peak in 2006.

According to the HomeGain survey, 46 percent of real estate agents and brokers said that they strongly disapproved of Obama’s performance as president. An additional 19 percent said that they somewhat disapproved of the job that Obama has done. That comes out to a disapproval rating of 65 percent, pretty high. It’s also a big drop from one year ago: In the second quarter of 2009, HomeGain reported that Obama held an approval rating of 57 percent among agents and brokers.

Homeowners across the nation didn’t show the president much love, either. According to HomeGain, 40 percent of homeowners strongly disapproved and 16 percent somewhat disapproved of Obama’s job. That comes out to a disapproval rating of 56 percent.

The president, though, can take refuge in Illinois. Here, 58 percent of agents and brokers said that they approved of Obama’s performance. That’s second only to the approval rating of 61 percent that the president enjoys among Maryland’s real estate professionals. Among Illinois homeowners, 51 percent said that they approve of the president’s performance, ranking the state third behind Maryland and Massachusetts.

Obama, though, better not try to buy a house in North Carolina. There, 84 percent of real estate agents and brokers say that they disapprove of the job that Obama has done. That’s the highest disapproval rate of any state.

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