Happy Father’s Day from the front porch!

Happy Father’s Day from the front porch!

Getting back in the game after a very relaxing Father’s Day. We didn’t go anywhere fancy or do anything special. My husband’s father and my father passed away years ago unfortunately, sadly our kids never got to know their grandfathers. So Father’s Day for us, is remembering the dads who passed away and sharing memories of them with our kids so they can get an idea of who they were, then the entire day revolves around my husband as it should! He is a wonderful father to our children. I’d like to say that Father’s Day morning started off with breakfast in bed for dad, well, that was the plan but we didn’t have all the fixings in the fridge (my bad) so Uber Eats came to the rescue! We had breakfast delivered from a restaurant in town. The food was delicious, hubby was happy and the best part was no mess in the kitchen! WIN! WIN! WIN!

The heatwave made it too hot to go golfing, bike riding or cooking out and my husband is not really a pool lounging kinda guy, not to mention we don’t have a pool in the backyard so we’d have to go to a club or the Hinsdale pool and I’m not comfortable hanging out in a swimsuit in public. I know, we’re suppose to embrace our bodies and not care what people think, sorry, but I’m not there just yet!

Anyway, we ended up staying home and hanging out with the kids. For the most part, we are very simple and laid back. We enjoy simple things like sitting on the front porch in the evening talking with our kids when they’re home, giving them advice, sharing funny stories, reading books and magazines discussing articles, or just listening to podcasts and often neighbors walking by will stop in and join us! I always keep the fridge stocked with alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages and fancy cheeses for sips and libations just in case a neighbor stops by and hey, this is a great way to meet the new neighbors!

Some might poke fun at us for always sitting on the front porch when we have a lovely private backyard/patio (side note: we are not cry babies, we can handle being poked fun of). Even though many homes in town have front porches, you don’t often see anyone sitting out there. Maybe they think it’s not “classy” or perhaps they’re too busy running kids to activities, or they just like the privacy of their backyard and that’s cool if that’s their thing. I like to think of us as the pioneers of the front porch community for our town. I embrace sitting on the front porch for many reasons, for one it’s good old fashion family time, and personally I love the warmth of the evening sun, I have arthritis and also get sore from working out. The heat from the sun on my legs feels soothing. I enjoy watching the birds, squirrels and all the sounds of wild life around me (it’s not like we live in the wild kingdom but you’d be surprised if you’d just stop watch and listen, there are a lot of interesting creatures in the trees that line our streets). I enjoy all the greenery and manicured gardens nearby, FYI, not everyone in town hires a landscaper and many take good pride in mowing their own lawn and pulling weeds and that’s hard work but know that others appreciate your efforts to keeping your yard lovely to those who admire. We enjoy watching the parade of nice cars passing by when my husband is not screaming’ “SLOW DOWN” which I think makes them drive by even faster. We once had a guy go around the block and come by again going about 80 miles an hour just to piss us off. Yeah, classy, right? Probably not from around here.

That reminds me, I meant to buy my husband a speeding radar gun for Father’s Day so he can clock their speed take a pic of their plates and put it on social media, we always laugh about doing that but most likely that would get us in trouble. Anyway, if you do have a front porch and you do actually use it whether it’s to be socially engaging with your neighbors or to relax and read a book or play on your phone and Facebook, cheers to you! Front porch communities celebrate the spirit of the individual and help create a more compassionate community. What happens on the front porch stays on the front porch, unless you have video surveillance! LOL! I’ll tell that story another time.

Cheers from the front porch!

Lead image via Brad Smith/Flickr

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