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Real Estate Moves and the Falcon Has a Baby!

The last 30 days have been very busy (and interesting) times for the Chicago Real Estate Market! Let’s start with a ‘near-miss’ I had recently that still said good things about the market.  As was reported in the news, Oprah Winfrey’s home at 199 E Lake Shore Drive, a beautiful Benjamin Marshall building as shown... Read more »

An Aerie for His Airness at Juanita Jordan's Penthouse!

I thought working through the challenges of our Economy was tough but now I’m having to contend with an Endangered Species – but read on and see how sweet it is! No, I’m not talking about the scarcity of High End Buyers, although they were almost extinct there for a while!  I’m referring to a... Read more »

A Co-Op and a Penthouse Bring Zing to Spring!

I was so gratified to be invited to the recent Landmarks Illinois Gala on March 14.  The triptych above from their website has images from three of the most important buildings in Chicago.  I was the guest of one of the Honorees, Grace Barry, who has done so much for Chicago in her recent role... Read more »