About Me and My Blog

About Me and My Blog

Hello!  I'm Melinda Jakovich-Lagrange of Compass Real Estate.  I'm a lifelong Chicagoan who started out in Chicago's financial services industry and then moved to Real Estate over twenty six years ago.  For more about me feel free to go to my website at melindajakovich.com or call me at (312) 953-3425.

After all that time in the Real Estate business I start to think I have seen it all, and then something happens to me or one of my long-time broker friends that sets a whole new standard!

I cover the hottest neighborhoods in Chicago, selling the most exquisite properties this wonderful city has to offer - working from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, or so I steadfastly claim!

Over the years I have built relationships and friendships with luminaries from among the Industries that impact Real Estate:  developers from the grandest projects, ground breaking architects, and nationally known designers, from the most avant garde to the most traditional.

And last but not least I cherish the experiences I have had with my high end real estate clients, the best and most interesting group of property buyers and sellers in the Universe!

The variety and quality of the brokers, the luminaries, and the clients in this "Royalty" of Chicago's Real Estate Industry reminded me of the celebrities, critics, poets, and writers who gathered at the Round Table in the Algonquin Hotel in New York during the Roaring Twenties!  They were movers and shakers, they could make or break, they could shape public opinion with even the most off-hand pronouncements!

The unique perspectives found in this Real Estate Royalty Blog and the synergy that rises up as between my unique clients and the dazzling variety of homes they inhabit needed to be recorded, just as the talents and witticisms of the members of the Round Table came to be recorded for the benefit - or detriment - of America back in the day!

So, as time goes by, (and as time permits!) I will address a wide variety of topics and subjects.

Come to my blog and hear about key real estate marketplace issues; my take on famous members of the real estate and architectural community; I'll report on the latest and greatest scoop from insiders and get their take on the hottest rumors about who's doing what; and I'll go behind the scenes and offer up some Tales from the Front - interesting glimpses into my life and the lives of elite brokers, the engines that drive the whole industry along!

Thanks for taking a look, now READ ON!