Staying Strong in River North and Carrying On with Real Estate!

At times like these it makes me proud to see Chicagoans stay strong and stay smart by observing the new way of life we have had to adjust to.  It’s the best way and the fastest way to get back to some kind of normalcy again.  Thanks to everyone in this great City for pitching in!

Having to spend so much time at home reminds me of just how much I love my neighborhood, the River North area of Chicago.  I’m on the western edge of River North in a great loft building, and like you find all over Chicago, we have a distinct community and our own familiar way of life!  Where would we be without Peet’s Coffee at Ontario and Kingsbury, and lovely Ward Park right next to it, which have quietly become mainstays of the area. 

Another wonderful and dependable local gathering place is the Erie Café, which has been around for 26 years – coincidentally that’s how long I’ve been in Real Estate!  There’s a lovely seating area there, looking out over the Chicago River.  Here’s a photo from the riverside seating looking back to the restaurant hitself.  The Erie Cafe was established by the Lenzi family, and has a pedigree going back to the famous Gene and Georgetti’s restaurant. 

Down the street from the Erie Café is Tuxedo Park, a well-designed group of row houses that still have huge appeal to condo buyers – I should know, I’ve sold several units there and I lived there shortly after they were built! 

Regarding the evolution of River North, Real Estate brokers don’t always get credit for being visionaries, that credit usually goes to the Developers.  But I had a personal part in creating a special area of River North called Kingsbury Estates, where you’ll find the most elegant single family homes within walking distance of the Loop. 

When that part of River North was just a big, open space, I went to key people in the Chicago Mayor’s Office with the idea to zone the area to have attractive, oversize lots.  It would be a special lure, an appeal to luxury developers, to come in and build the biggest homes in the entire downtown area.  The results are obvious – the block bounded by Kingsbury, Superior, Hudson, and Huron has a spectacular collection of High End homes!

Well, I’m still out there, selling Real Estate despite the challenges.  The photo above is the location of one of my new Listings, 110 W. Superior, one of the sleekest buildings in the entire downtown Chicago area!  I have the privilege to be selling a unique home in that building, where the floor-to-ceiling window walls give the clearest views you could ever imagine.  My Listing, Unit 1100 of 110 W. Superior, takes up the entire 11th floor of the building, so stunning light and amazing views are found no matter where you turn! 

Here’s a “Coming Soon” teaser – I have a huge, 1,400 sq ft, One BR condo that will come to market soon.  It’s in the Residences of the Ritz Carlton, shown above, a luxury building positioned on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.  This unit faces West, so daytime sun and beautiful sunset views are in store for some lucky buyer!

We all have to persevere despite this unique period in American history that we are facing today.  And I am so grateful that my clients still come to me, bestowing on me the honor of representing them and marketing their homes.  It’s important to help out, and the Chicago Food Depository is more needed now than ever before.  Here’s a link to their donations page, every little bit helps!  Donate

I think of my father, who believed so strongly in our country that he enlisted to fight in World War II at 17 years old, fibbing about his age and eventually going ashore at Normandy on the second wave of landings on D-Day.  Talk about faith and perseverance – we can and we will carry on, it’s what America has done over the centuries and will continue to do for centuries to come!

Be safe and stay healthy, one and all!

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