Virtual Maria Callas and the Joffrey, a Lakefront Gem, and Farewell to a True Friend!

Chicago’s famous Lyric Opera House opened on November 4, 1929, just six days after the stock market crashed!  It was originally known as the Civic Opera House, and was designed by the firm Graham Anderson Probst and White – not exactly a household name until you realize that they also designed other iconic buildings such as the Wrigley Building, the Field Museum, and the Merchandise Mart.  You could almost say Chicago would not be Chicago without them!

The Lyric Opera gave Chicago a special treat on September 7 that I was fortunate to attend – the return of Maria Callas to the Lyric’s famous stage, a full 42 years after her death!  Yes, Maria Callas, also known as La Divina, arguably one of the most famous singers of all time.  In a brilliant cross between new technology and classical settings, they presented Holographic, 3D Projections of past concert footage, so she appeared to be standing on the stage and singing some of her most famous performances.

Maria Callas made her American debut in 1954 in Chicago on the very same stage.  With the magic of 3D projection, we saw her ‘in person’ again.  As you see above, the Lyric Opera Orchestra was live on stage with the beautiful yet virtual Maria, and there were dazzling details like the cards in the picture truly seeming to float in mid-air!

In a touching tribute to her Diva ways, there was a point where the Lyric Orchestra began to play the next tune, and, true to what really happened 60+years ago, Hologram Maria disapproved, scolded the Lyric’s live conductor, and told him to stop and begin the song again.  Sure enough, the Lyric musicians obeyed as if commanded by Maria herself!

I volunteer for the Joffrey Ballet, and I want everyone to know of an important upcoming event, the Chicago debut of Jane Eyre, choreographed by Cathy Martson with the beautiful Amanda Assucena in the starring role.  Performances will run from October 16th through the 27th.  I hope you all can support Chicago’s lovely Joffrey, our world famous contribution to the Art of Dance!

I don’t always write about my listings but this one is special!  I have a 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath condo at 3800 N Lakeshore Drive, on the left above, a classic Lakefront building completed in 1927 and designed in “Chateauesque” style by B. Leo Steif & Co.  This 11th floor unit has a private elevator entrance and commanding, unobstructed views of Lake Michigan, with the lakefront Marovitz Golf Course and the beautiful Waveland Clock Tower, on the right above, immediately across Lakeshore Drive!

Here are some interior photos.  There are stunning views that will delight the guests that gather in the expansive, open floorplan Dining Room and Living Room.  The hardwood floors and moldings complete the classic design.  The building has easy access to the famous Lakefront Bikepath and tasty lakeside cafés, and it’s just blocks away from Wrigley Field!

Finally, please bear with me as I say goodbye to my dog Frankie’s best friend, a friendly German Shorthair boy named Reiser.  As you can tell from the middle photo they were quite a “Mutt and Jeff” combination!  Reiser would stay in my home when his owner would travel, to Frankie’s great delight.  Reiser’s somewhat silly yet loving personality won me and Lucien over and gave us great joy over the years.  As you can tell from the photos he was a real character!  Reiser, my best boy, I will love you and miss you always…

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