No More Deep Freeze - Bring on the Joffrey Spring Gala!

Before I go on to lighter topics, I wrote a year ago about Anti Gliboti, a good friend of my fiancé Lucien Lagrange for 30 years.  He is a true “freedom fighter” for Croatia – he was imprisoned by the Communists in 1972, yet survived to become a leading intellectual and writer in his country and also in France.  He was recently given the honor of being “Man of the Year” for all of Croatia! 

Among his many accomplishments he wrote a book about Helmut Jahn and a beautiful book about Chicago architecture, called “A Guide to 150 Years of Chicago Architecture”.  Lucien and I are so thrilled for our friend!

I am happy to share that an offer has been accepted at one of my most beautiful listings, a grand Gold Coast mansion at 1440 N. Dearborn.  Pending the final closing, a new owner will take over one of the best homes in the entire area.  The photo of the elegant entrance shown above is just the beginning of the magnificence you experience when you walk into this very special space.

Besides being in one of Chicago’s most historic neighborhoods, there is immediate access to all the best restaurants and shopping areas in town.  The elegance, while expected for the Gold Coast and Astor Street, cannot be overstated.  Special care was taken on classic moldings and stairways and welcoming public spaces like the Living Room and Dining Room shown above.

And it is rare to find such generous outdoor space to complete the picture.  Here you see two full classically laid out garden areas, one on the ground floor by the garage and one on the first level with easy access to the Kitchen!

As we emerge from the recent deep freeze it is time to start thinking about the return of the robins and the eventual arrival of Spring!  And with the arrival of Spring comes the Joffrey Ballet Spring Gala on April 20, 2018.  It is the crowning event of their fundraising schedule, with a special one hour performance of hand-picked ballet pieces followed by dinner and dancing at the Chicago Hilton.

It is especially thrilling to hit the dance floor after dinner, where we all get a chance to “dance with the dancers”.  Every year they show us how they can boogie to 80’s and 90’s dance tunes just as skillfully as they perform their magic on the Auditorium stage!

I wanted to say how proud I am of my friend Katherine Gehl.  She was CEO of Gehl Foods until 2015, and since then has been at work with Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School in a new endeavor.  She is strategizing and supporting an important, non-partisan political movement to bring innovation to American politics and break the unfairness and “rigging”, e.g., gerrymandering, that takes place in both parties.  She and Michael published a paper with support from Harvard University, to learn more here is the link!

Stay Warm, it’ll be Spring before you know it!

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