He's Done It Again!

My partner Lucien Lagrange has once again ranked highly in Curbed Chicago’s Ten Most Expensive Residential Buildings list.  He has numerous buildings on the list, including the No. 1 building which is his re-design and rehab of the Ambassador West condo building shown above.  I have always admired how he designs from the Inside-out, so even though the façade was largely unchanged, the interiors were upgraded to be world-class!

And I’m proud to say he is back to leading his own firm, Lucien Lagrange Studios, and if a certain Village north of Chicago gives approval, he will have a new, centerpiece building in one of our famous North Shore suburbs.

Lucien and I have a remarkable friend, a Croatian writer and art critic named Ante Glibota.  His story is fascinating as I learned more about it – his Uncle was imprisoned by the Communist regime and Ante was later arrested along with other well-known intellectuals in 1972.  After his release he was forced to leave Croatia to find employment and moved to France, where he became a famous art curator and Director of the Paris Art Center for 15 years.

Ante has other Chicago connections – he wrote a very special book about Chicago’s Helmut Jahn titled “Helmut Jahn – Architect” as well as books about Bertrand Goldberg and many others. His numerous contributions earned him an honorary membership in the American Institute of Architects.  He worked under the sponsorship of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry to write a comprehensive review titled “A Guide to 150 Years of Chicago Architecture” that spanned the time from the City’s founding in 1833 to 1983.  A true patriot for his country and worldly Renaissance man!

Speaking of architecture, I am excited about my new listing at 1242 Lake Shore Drive.  This exquisite building was designed by Robert Degolyer and completed in 1930.  Degolyer would design in the contemporary Art Deco style, such as the famous Powhatan Building in Hyde Park, as well as in a more classic Empire style like several of his buildings along Lake Shore Drive and in Lincoln Park, like the well-known Marlborough Building.  The luxurious Co-Op building at 1242 Lake Shore Drive has a beautifully detailed neo-Gothic façade and a convenient Porte-Cochere or covered driveway where cars can drop off passengers protected from Chicago’s lakeshore gusts!  And in the Summer when you WANT to be lakeside, Chicago’s bluewater treasure is a two minute stroll away!

Finally, while recognizing the recent tragic events around the death of Laquan McDonald and the huge impact it is having on Chicago, I do want to speak up for the honest and upstanding members of the Chicago police force.  My father Marko Jakovich was a D-Day veteran of World War II and a Chicago policeman for 35 years, and took great pride in doing his job well and with integrity.  Even former Police Chief McCarthy, shown on the right above, had positive aspects to his time here in Chicago, while of course acknowledging that he had gone too far in his support for those officers and lack of candor about the event itself.  Let’s not brand the entire force for the admittedly terrible actions of a few of its members.


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