Welcome to West Town, Gaiety at the Goodman, and My Prolific Clients!

West Town stretches from the Chicago River on the East to Kedzie Street on the West, and from Kinzie on the south to the soon-to-be-world-famous Bloomingdale Line on the north, (a grand, two mile long ‘linear park’ is being built on the elevated embankment of an old railroad line).  It’s a large community area north and west of downtown Chicago.  In the 19th century it was populated by people of Polish descent and was considered the capital of “American Polonia”. 

Today West Town contains numerous well known Chicago neighborhoods such as parts of Wicker Park and Bucktown and all of Ukrainian Village and East Village.  Here’s one of the famous structures in the area, the Pulaski Park fieldhouse, designed by Jens Jensen and completed in 1914, currently residing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today there is a strong surge of Real Estate activity going on in the area, with former commercial buildings being repurposed for residential use, as well as new homes being built alongside older greystones and three flats on neighborhood streets.  Here is a beautifully designed and rehabbed home at 535 N. Marshfield that I listed recently, it brought in a “new high” in terms of price per square foot for the area, and it exemplifies how the new and the old can come together so harmoniously.

In fact, it drew the attention of Crain’s Chicago magazine – their Real Estate correspondent came to see me and hopefully some of his interview will make it into the magazine soon!  I have loved this area for years, having sold a development at 1350 W. Grand, close to the famous Breakfast Club that you should all go to some weekend morning, and also another nice home at 1617 W. Erie that I wish I had bought for myself!

Chicago’s own Goodman Theater Gala was on May 17, graced with the star power of Kristin Chenoweth, shown here clowning around with students from the Goodman’s community outreach program (photo from Candace Jordan’s CandidCandace.com website).  She wasn’t there just for show, she also put ON a show for 45 minutes of lyrical singing, much to the delight of me and my partner Lucien Lagrange and over 600 other people!  All told over $1 million was raised to help the Goodman’s theatrical as well as educational efforts.

My interesting clients always amaze me with their activities and accomplishments, and recently they have been writing up a storm.  My client and friend Julia Peters doesn’t coach individuals, she coaches and advises the C-Level leaders in a corporation to communicate better and be more effective.  You might call her the “Boss-Whisperer”!  She wrote a book called “Pivot Points”, describing how successful people don’t stand still and often have five pivotal decision points along their journeys. 

Richard Levy is a current client who is an acclaimed motivational speaker, he documented his findings on money, debt, relationships, health, anger, negativity, forgiveness, and love in his first book, ‘Thoughts Make You Wealthy’.  This kind of advice can be useful to everyone.


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