When Your Listing is Haunted!

Going on almost twenty years of bringing clients and homes together in ‘mortgaged matrimony’ I’ve seen much.  People have asked if I ever had a haunted Listing?  Well, I took on a Listing for a Chicago businessman and his lovely wife – looking back they seemed almost apologetic, but why?  I walked through their move-in ready, nicely appointed home, with a large wine cellar in the basement.  That’s where I had a strongly chilling feeling that had nothing to do with the cellar’s climate control!  Maybe the photo above is just a slight exaggeration of how it felt(!)

I worked through the process and found a buyer, and it wasn’t until years later that they shared their certainty there was a presence down in the basement!  With the number of times I was there, by myself, at night, prepping for showings and open houses, I’m not sure I could have done it if I had known!

I love my historic Listing at 1815 South Prairie, one of six beautifully rehabbed homes in the historic Prairie District, with 1815 being the most upgraded.  Great outdoor space and an elevator on the inside!  Someone else has also noticed:  reporters from both Crain’s and Michigan Avenue magazine have called me about the South Loop in general and we talked about 1815 Prairie in particular, and there will be a writeup soon!

Besides the historic Prairie Avenue district, the South Loop also boasts Indiana Avenue, which has buyers galore.  I have a new listing at 1337 South Indiana and I’ve sold several homes along Indiana just in the last few months.  Early in 2013 one of the top brokerage executives in Chicago, (of course it was a rival firm but I won’t name names!), was quoted as saying that the South Loop market was suffering and that it was a “Dead Man Walking”.  With the esteemed Related Midwest taking over One Museum Park West, now called “The Grant” and shown above as the right hand building, and more buyers buzzing around my South Loop listings than ever before, methinks the predictions of the South Loop’s demise were decidedly premature!

Exciting News!  The Women’s Auxiliary Board of the Ronald McDonald House, the largest of all in the country, organized a wonderful cocktail event at the Back Room, 937 N. Rush, for Thursday September 26!  Please just cut-and-paste the following to learn more and purchase tickets.  http://rmhccni.org/thebackroom/  The work they do helps families when they need it the most!

Last but not the least, I still see the famous “Walking Man” around town as I go to my appointments.  You have probably seen him, he seems to be everywhere at once, though his hair is a little more gray than in years past!  I do very much hope he is well, and not to make fun so much as to share something that makes Chicago such an interesting and unique City, here is a link to a Youtube video that was done a few years ago about him.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhv3mj1UUKU

Have a wonderful end-of-Summer everyone!

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