Now 'Playing' in Chicago and Who's Who in Chicago's Beautiful Co-Op Buildings!

There is a rising star among the many excellent playwrights working in Chicago!  I’m so excited for Steve Peterson, a friend who worked in consulting for over 20 years, but all the time he was ‘moonlighting’ and writing plays early mornings and late evenings.

Several were produced at the Chicago Dramatists theater, and now his play about when the American Nazi Party was planning to march in Skokie is receiving a full production at the Jewish Community Center there.  It is called “The Invasion of Skokie”, and without giving it away there is another form of ‘invasion’ that is the real theme of the story!

He also recently received the Julie Harris Playwriting Award for another one of his plays, I am sure we will all be hearing more about him in the future!

I was recently honored to be asked by Chicago Agent Magazine to be in their special annual issue: “Who’s Who in Chicago Real Estate”, and their questionnaire triggered so many memories…

It reminded me that it truly is a small world.  The key neighborhoods for Real Estate are like a small city within a big city, and people I have met and built associations with in the past somehow seem to turn up and help add to my business in gratifying ways.

I love making connections and seeing the ways that people are tied together.  Just Thursday I had a photoshoot at 208 LaSalle, shown above, a building where I started my first career in Finance long ago with The Chicago Corporation.  The building was subsequently rehabbed and redeveloped by Mike Reschke of The Prime Group, and the architect for the project was Lucien LaGrange, who is now my companion!

As I drove up to the 208 building the parking attendant gave me a break because he knew me from when he worked at the Westin Hotel and I parked there often.  Then, after lunch I saw a car go by and it was a friend who used to work with me in the 208 building, and he has referred clients to me, who then became friends of mine, and then referred other clients to me – it just goes on and on!

Likewise, past connections were very important in helping me be privileged to take on two of the finest vintage Co-Op listings in all of Chicago.  One is an amazing duplex unit at 1320 N. State, with windows in the cathedral Living Room stretching a full fifteen feet high!

The second one is another huge duplex in an Andrew Rebori building at 2430 N Lakeview, with a dramatic staircase that looks like it belongs in an elegant old Cary Grant movie and walls of windows looking out at the Lake and Lincoln Park, so close you feel like you can reach out and touch the trees!

Have a great Summer!


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