Movin' On and Think about the Horses!

Well, I decided to move my Melinda Jakovich Team real estate business from Coldwell Banker over to Prudential Rubloff Properties!  It was just time to make a move after 17 years at Coldwell.  I will always have great friends there and appreciate all I learned, from some of the best such as Anetta Gray, who rose to be a senior vice president at Rubloff, and Elaine Waxman and Doug Ayers.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the website, it actually tells the story well:  “In 2009, two great organizations, Rubloff Residential Properties and Prudential Preferred Properties, merged to form Prudential Rubloff Properties. We are especially pleased that the name of the company honors the strength and traditions of both firms. The power and financial stability associated with Prudential, in business since 1875, and the tradition of excellence since 1930 at Rubloff are combined to form a powerful player in the Chicagoland marketplace.”  Today’s CEO, Chris Eigel, and the President, Michael Pierson, are shown above.

I recently had a chance to go on an exclusive inside tour of the Lincoln Park 2550 building, shown above.  It was my first chance to see the breathtaking views looking out from the best Lake and Park location in town!  I feel so privileged to have a listing in the building, to be taking part in the marketing efforts for a project that truly adds luster to the Lincoln Park neighborhood!

Lincoln Park 2550 is the newest addition to the world famous Chicago skyline created by my companion Lucien Lagrange.  I was walking past a “sister building”to Lincoln Park 2550 on Sunday, namely the Park Hyatt at Chicago Avenue and the Magnificent Mile, shown above, and saw an event going on there that I would like to talk about.

There was a group called “Carriage-Free Chicago” peacefully assembled near the old Water Tower handing out leaflets, seeking to educate people about the hardships in the lives of all those horses you see pulling their charges around the streets of Chicago.  Here is a link to their facebook page:!/pages/Carriage-Free-Chicago/175792863231?sk=info

I am not a big rabble-rouser, and I am not trying to twist anyone’s arm here, but I learned a lot from talking to the group about how hard the horses work, how the environment they work in is actually quite scary and dangerous to them, and how they are basically “disposed of”, namely sold and killed off, after they can no longer work their long days hauling folks around the landmarks and neighborhoods of Chicago.  I’m not trying to persuade anyone here but it had a big impact on me!

Get those vacations in soon, school days are right around the corner!

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